Declared “Historical Site” and granted the National Embellishment Award... Vejer de la Frontera is exquisitely embedded in the hillside with the Barbate River flowing at its feet...The Jewish quarter, the Arab and Muslim legacies, the Catholic churches and convents... all coexisting and merging... steep cobblestone streets where wrinkled old women sit on their doorsteps, relishing the cool shadows... knitting, peeling potatoes or just chattering. Behind the massive wooden gates can be sensed the presence of intimate patios decorated with the natural beauty of hundreds of lush flowers in clay pots. A few of these winding streets converge in the Plaza de España... with its historical wall and ceramic fountain.
Visitors will imbibe the tranquillity and the cultural richness of the old part of the town... and the kind, small-town feel of the locals...but right around the corner they will also discover that there is a protected natural environment where the most renowned beaches of the “Gaditano” coast can be enjoyed. Not only can travellers enjoy the magnificent views and dreamlike landscapes, they will discover that this is the ideal place for sports lovers. Golf, biking, horse riding, bird watching and hiking are just a few examples of the sports activities that can be enjoyed here, not to mention the fundamental role played by the Eastern and Western winds on these shores...they are the perfect allies for those who love to sail away to the horizon.
Having nurtured the soul in such a paradise, one should now nurture the body and savour the excellent local produce such as golden thistle, juicy red Barbate tuna fish or the rich beef of locally raised Retinto bulls. Enjoy yourself!

Special Lodgings in Vejer de la Frontera

  • La Casa del Califa
    Front View La Casa del Califa Vejer de la Frontera Cadiz Andalusia Dining Room at La Casa del Califa Vejer Andalusia Room Palmera La Casa del Califa Vejer de la Frontera Cadiz Andalucia Suite Torre La Casa del Califa Vejer de la Frontera Cadiz Andalusia Garden La Casa del Califa Vejer de la Frontera Andalusia Room La Casa del Califa Vejer Andalusia La Casa del Califa Room
    La Casa del Califa

    La Casa del Califa is located in the heart of the medieval town of Vejer de la Frontera which is...