Chefchaouen, or as it is popularly know, Chaouen, nestling amongst the precipitous mountains of the Rifeño country, is renowned for its blue-and-white-washed buildings in the Medina.
The blue sky, the sound of the river, and the washerwomen create a very special combination of sound and colour. The laid back villagers always welcome travellers. They are great hosts; their shops, all differently decorated, sell spices, baskets, leather and dyes. The mix of smells and flavours along the many steep and narrow streets is a real feast for the senses.
Those in the know head for Outta Hammam Square in the heart of the old town where they sit and relax over a glass of mint tea at one of the many restaurants and cafés. Meanwhile, others walk up to Ras El Maa, stopping in their tracks many times to marvel at the fairy-tale landscape seen between the walls.
And it is only when you hear the muezzin (call to prayer) emanating from the Great Mosque that the constant bustling stops for a moment, inviting you to experience new sensations.

Special Lodgings in Chefchaouen

  • Dar Hannan
    Bedroom2-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Rooftop-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Bathroom-3-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Bathroom-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Bathroom2-Dar-hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Bedroom-4-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Bedroom1-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Corridor-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen Living-room-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Main-door-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Rooftop2-Dar-hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Stairway-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco Views-Dar-Hannan-Chefchaouen-Morocco
    Dar Hannan

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  • Auberge Dardara
    Fireplace Auberge Dardara Chefchaouen Morocco Auberge Dardara Chefchaouen Morocco Meal Auberge Dardara Chefchaouen Morocco Pool Auberge Dardara Chefchaouen Morocco Room 1 Auberge Dardara Chefchaouen Morocco Context Auberge Dardara Chefchaouen Morocco Dar Dara Exterior Chefchaouen Morocco Restaurant Auberge Dardara Chefchaouen Morocco Room 2 Auberge Dardara Chefchaouen Morocco
    Auberge Dardara

    Auberge Dardara is above all authenticity. A beautiful scene that extols the unquestionable beauty of the Rif mountains. Feelings, habits...


  • Casa Perleta
    Courtyard Casa Perleta Chefchaouen Morocco Grating and view Casa Perleta Chefchaouen Morocco Junior Suite Casa Perleta Chefchaouen Morocco Reception-Desk-Casa-Perleta-Chefchaouen-Morocco Roof Terrace Breakfast Casa Perleta Chefchaouen Morocco Room Casa Perleta Chefchaouen Morocco
    Casa Perleta

    This house is a haven of peace, located in the very centre of the ancient Medina. It was restored many...


  • Lina Ryad & Spa
    Bedroom-at-Lina-Ryad-Chefchaouen Common-Areas-at-Lina-Ryad-Chefchaouen Fireplace-at-Lina-Ryad-Chefchaouen Living-Area-at-Ryad-Lina-Chefchaouen Living-Area-Common-Areas-at-Lina-Ryad-Chefchaouen Patio-at-Lina-Ryad-Chefchaouen
    Lina Ryad & Spa



  • Riad Assilah (Chefchaouen)
    Front Riad Assilah Chefchaouen Courtyard-View-3-Riad-Assilah-Chefchaouen Bathroom-2-Riad-Assilah-Chefchaouen Bathroom-Riad-Assilah-Chefchaouen Detail-of-stairs-at-Riad-Assilah-Checfchaouen Dining-area-of-Riad-Assilah-Chefchaouen Lamp-at-Riad-Assilah-Chefchaouen Room-3-Riad-Assilah-Chefchaouen Room-4-Riad-Assilah-Chefchaouen Room-Riad-5-Assilah-Chefchaouen Room-Riad-6-Assilah-Chefchaouen Breakfast-at-Riad-Assilah-Chefchaouen Views-from-the-roof-terrace-Riad-Assilah-Checfchaouen
    Riad Assilah (Chefchaouen)

    Riad Assilah in Chefchaouen is situated in the Medina, barely 100 metres from the central square and Great Mosque. Newly...