About Us

What we are, what we want to be

Special Lodgings is a unique selection of lodgings that are located in Andalusia (Spain) and Morocco. All the establishments on the site share the same objective: to offer a personalized service that caters to the specific needs and wishes of our guests.
Our way of living and our deep commitment to doing and offering authentic, off the grid travel has practically converted us into ambassadors of the places where we live. We really love these locations and yearn to share our experience and enthusiasm about them with our guests so that their curiosity and interest can be fulfilled. We aim to inspire.
We know our surroundings well; we are familiar with all the special corners where local fare can be relished; where and how to access just about any type of sports activity or where the most breath taking sunset can be seen. We can inform our guests about everything that isn’t found in travel guides. What distinguishes our guests from others is that they are connoisseur travellers who want off the grid, real experiences without having to give up one bit of comfort.
All the establishments have a limited number of rooms. This guarantees that each guest is treated in an intimate, friendly way and that they will receive the time and dedication they need from us to ensure that the results of their stay coincide with their expectations.
The establishments are situated within emblematic surroundings of great cultural, natural or sporting interest. We know those surroundings well and are especially qualified to satisfy our guests’ curiosity so they can have unforgettable, life changing experiences, much more than just a trip. It is our belief that, as human beings, we are the result of what we have lived; therefore, we hope to make a significant contribution, in experience, to the lives of those who choose to spend time with us.
All the establishments featured in Special Lodgings have a magical quality. They are comfortable spaces where you can titillate your taste buds, bask in rays of warm sunlight or enjoy the company of like minded people who are travellers just like you.
Let yourself be seduced by the feast of sensations you’ll find in our Special Lodgings.

Our Decalogue

8+ Scores

The establishments found on Special Lodgings have been scored 8 or higher out of 10, by travellers that provide their opinions to sites such as Tripadvisor and booking.com. Thanks to the high scores given by many satisfied travellers, all our lodgings have been granted the certificate of excellence.

We keep our promises

Special Lodgings guarantees that all the establishments on the site fulfil all required legal regulations. Each establishment has a valid operating licence and has fulfilled all the current official jurisdictional, sanitary and food requirements imposed by local and national authorities to ensure and control the quality of the services we provide. With us, all surprises are nice surprises.

Up to 20 rooms

All the Special Lodgings establishments have less than 20 rooms or apartments. This limit has been set to guarantee friendly, personalized and exquisite service to the guests; in other words: an outstanding stay.

Andalusia and Morocco

All the Special Lodgings establishments share a love of multiculturalism, are upholders of tolerance, and believe that a world exists in which the only frontiers are those created by the mind. All the creators of Special Lodgings are travellers; each and every one of us knows and loves Andalusia and Morocco- it’s why we are here.

Towns of special interest all

Special lodgings establishments are situated in townships of special touristic value and interest due the cultural richness of the town, the natural richness of the land or due to the sports activities that can be practiced in the surroundings. In some cases these three qualities can be found together in one place.

The Owners, committed people